One-Time Boot Menu options

Use the One-Time Boot Menu to select a UEFI boot option for a one-time boot override. The option you select does not modify your predefined boot order settings. If you use a USB key or virtual media through the iLO 4 Remote Console, exit and re-enter the System Utilities to refresh this menu so that the devices appear.

Boot options include:

  • OS boot manager, such as Windows Boot Manager—Lists the boot manager for your installed OS.

  • Generic USB Boot—Provides a place holder for any USB device that is bootable in UEFI. You can set the boot priority of this option, and retain this priority for use with USB devices you might install in the future. Setting this priority does not affect priorities set for individual USB devices in the UEFI Boot Order list.
  • Embedded Flexible LOMs

  • Embedded UEFI Shell

  • Embedded SATA Port

  • Run a UEFI Application from a file system—Enables you to select a UEFI application to run from a file system. You can browse all FAT file systems that are available in the system. You can also select an x64 UEFI application (with a .EFI extension) to execute (can be an OS boot loader or any other UEFI application).