Agentless Management and AMS

Agentless Management uses out-of-band communication for increased security and stability. With Agentless Management, health monitoring and alerting is built into the system and begins working the moment auxiliary power is connected to the blade. This feature runs on the iLO hardware, independent of the operating system and processor.

  • AMS writes operating system configuration information and critical events to the Active Health System Log.

  • Install the iLO drivers before installing AMS.

  • With iLO, AMS includes the optional System Management Assistant. If you want to use an OS-based SNMP service to handle information provided by iLO Agentless Management and AMS, you can use the System Management Assistant. See the latest HPE iLO 5 User Guide available in the Enterprise Information Library for more information about System Management Assistant installation:

  • To collect information from devices and components that cannot communicate directly with iLO, install the Agentless Management Service (AMS) driver.

    If you are installing the drivers in a secure boot environment, see Secure Boot for Linux on HPE Servers for a complete set of instructions.

Information made available when the AMS driver is installed

After installing the AMS driver, the following information is available to Agentless Management and the iLO interface of the blade:
  • Information on the following tabs on the System Information page in the iLO navigation tree:
    • Network

    • Storage

  • Information on the Software tab of the Firmware & OS Software page in the iLO navigation tree.

When the AMS driver is installed in the OS on the blade, iLO will have access to OS-specific information. Until then, the iLO interface displays a message on the Network and Storage pages that iLO did not detect the Agentless Management Service.