Date selection key sequences

When selecting the system date, you can use the following key sequences.

  • PAGE UP—Selects the previous month.
  • PAGE DOWN—Selects the next month.
  • CTRL + PAGE UP—Selects the previous year.
  • CTRL + PAGE DOWN—Selects the next year.
  • CTRL + HOME—Opens the date selector if closed, when the cursor is at date selector option.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + HOME—Selects the current month.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + LEFT—Selects the previous day.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + RIGHT—Selects the next day.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + UP—Selects the previous week.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + DOWN—Selects the next week.
  • ENTER—Selects the focused date.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + END—Closes the date selector and erase the date.
  • ESCAPE—Closes the date selector without a selection.