Installing the frame into the rack

WARNING: When lifting the frame with the optional removable handles, always use at least four people to lift the frame into the rack. If the frame is being loaded into the rack above chest level, a fifth person must assist with aligning the frame with the rails while the other four people support the weight of the frame.
NOTE: You can install the frame into the rack using a mechanical lift. When using a mechanical lift, two people are required for the frame installation. If you choose the mechanical lift installation, resume the frame installation at step 5.
  1. Attach the lift handles to the frame.
    1. Align each lift handle to the frame spools.
    2. Press the release button, and then pull the lift handle up until it locks in place.
      Installing lift handles
  2. Line up the frame with the rack, set the back end of the frame on the rack rails and slide it in.
    Installing the frame
  3. Slide the frame into the rack until the rear lift handles are close to the rack. While still supporting the frame with the front lift handles, remove the rear lift handles from each side of the frame, and then slide the frame halfway into the rack.
    Removing rear lift handles
  4. Slide the frame into the rack until the front lift handles are close to the rack. Remove the front lift handles from each side of the frame, and then slide the frame fully into the rack.
    Removing front lift handles
  5. Remove the left and right frame bezels from front of the frame by inserting your finger in the hole at the bottom of the frame bezel and pull out and up, then pull the top of the frame bezel away from the frame.
    Removing frame bezels
  6. Tighten the thumbscrews with a T-25 Torx screwdriver to secure the frame to the rack.
    Tightening thumb screws
  7. Repeat the procedure for the remaining frames.
    NOTE: Up to four 10U frames can be installed in a 42U rack. If you are installing more than one frame, install the first frame in the bottom of the rack, and then install additional frames by moving up the rack with each subsequent frame. Plan rack installation carefully because it is difficult to change the location of components after they are installed.