Frame link module factory reset


When a frame is configured and is actively managed by HPE OneView, a factory reset should only be performed when required by a recommended HPE OneView management or service process.

The Factory Reset action resets all frame link modules in a frame to factory default settings. Resetting a frame link module to factory default settings will take the frame link module offline for up to 10 minutes. If the frame link module is installed in a frame managed by HPE OneView, the frame link module will be reclaimed by HPE OneView after the factory reset is complete.

Some instances where a factory reset may be necessary include:
  • Prior to moving a frame to a new HPE OneView environment.

  • After performing a factory reset of the HPE Synergy Composer that manages the frame.

    For more information, see the HPE OneView for Synergy User Guide on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library (