Installing the frame in a rack

CAUTION: Always plan the rack installation so that the heaviest item is on the bottom of the rack. Install the heaviest item first, and continue to populate the rack from the bottom to the top.
NOTE: Up to four 10U frames can be installed in a 42U rack. If you are installing more than one frame, install the first frame in the bottom of the rack, and then install additional frames by moving up the rack with each subsequent frame. Plan rack installation carefully because it is difficult to change the location of components after they are installed.
  1. Remove components from the frame.
  2. Use the rack template to mark the locations for the rack rails.
  3. Install the rack rails and cage nuts for each frame.

    For more information, see the appropriate section according to the type of rack being used.

  4. Install the frame into the rack.
  5. Complete the component installation for your configuration.