Power requirements

Installation of this equipment must comply with local and regional electrical regulations governing the installation of IT equipment by licensed electricians. This equipment is designed to operate in installations covered by NFPA 70, 1999 Edition (National Electric Code) and NFPA-75, 1992 (code for Protection of Electronic Computer/Data Processing Equipment). For electrical power ratings on options, refer to the product rating label or the user documentation supplied with that option.


To reduce the risk of personal injury, fire, or damage to the equipment, do not overload the AC supply branch circuit that provides power to the rack. Consult the electrical authority having jurisdiction over wiring and installation requirements of your facility.


Protect the storage module from power fluctuations and temporary interruptions with a regulating UPS. This device protects the hardware from damage caused by power surges and voltage spikes and keeps the storage module in operation during a power failure.