Grounding requirements

This equipment must be grounded properly for proper operation and safety. In the United States, you must install the equipment in accordance with NFPA 70, 1999 Edition (National Electric Code), Article 250, as well as any local and regional building codes.

In Canada, you must install the equipment in accordance with Canadian Standards Association, CSA C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code.

In all other countries, you must install the equipment in accordance with any regional or national electrical wiring codes, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Code 364, parts 1 through 7. Furthermore, you must be sure that all power distribution devices used in the installation, such as branch wiring and receptacles, are listed or certified grounding-type devices.

Because of the high ground-leakage currents associated with this equipment, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the use of a PDU that is either permanently wired to the building’s branch circuit or includes a nondetachable cord that is wired to an industrial-style plug. NEMA locking-style plugs or those complying with IEC 60309 are considered suitable for this purpose. Using common power outlet strips to supply power to this equipment is not recommended.