Storage module LEDs

The front panel and LED layout shown in the following illustration is an example. Depending on your specific model, the LEDs might be different.

Front panel LEDs
Item LED Status Definition
1 Drawer status1 Solid green Drive drawer is closed
    Flashing green Drive drawer is open
    Flashing amber Thermal warning, close the drive drawer
2 UID Solid blue One or more drives are being located
    Flashing blue Firmware flash in progress
    Off No drives are being located
3 Health status Green Normal operation
    Flashing amber Degraded condition
    Flashing red Critical condition
4 Drive status (in priority order) Solid amber One or more drives failed
    Flashing amber One or more drives are predicted to fail
    Flashing green One or more drives are rebuilding or transforming
    Solid green One or more drives are members of a logical drive
    Off No drives are configured by a RAID controller
5 Drawer power Green Storage module is in use, do not remove
    Off Storage module is not in use, safe to remove

The drive drawer must be closed within five minutes after it is opened.