Pallet contents

Pallet contents for the HPE Synergy 12000
Item Name Description
1 HPE Synergy 12000 Frame

The frame for installing HPE Synergy components.

2 Front panel

The front panel ports of the frame for KVM connection.

3 Appliance module blank

A mandatory insert installed in any unused appliance module bay.

4 Appliance module1

A hardware appliance for embedded management.

5 Compute module blank

A mandatory insert installed in any unused compute module bay.

6 Full-height module1

The full-height compute module.

7 Half-height module1

The half-height compute module.

8 Power supply blank

A mandatory insert installed in any unused power supply bay.

9 Hot-plug power supply1

The power supply for the frame.

10 Fan

A fan used to cool the components installed in the frame.

11 Frame link module1

The frame link module auto-discovers resources in the frame, has a redundant option, and provides links for scaling of frames.

12 Interconnect blank

A mandatory insert installed in any unused interconnect bay.

13 Interconnect module2

Any of several fabric or networking components, such as switches or interconnect link modules, that enable networking communication.

14 Lift handles (optional)3

The lift handles can be used to lift a frame into or out of a rack.

15 Removable device bay shelves3

The removable device bay shelves can be used to partition the device bays for full or half-height components.

16 Reusable zip ties for power supplies (single-phase frames only)3

Reusable zip ties that help prevent single-phase power cables from disconnecting from the power connectors.

17 CAT6A cable or DAC cable or SFP+ DAC cable1, 3

CAT6A or DAC cable or SFP+ cable for cabling frames, depending on the frame link module ordered.

  • 2.00 ft (60.96 cm) cable—Used for cabling two consecutive frames.
  • 10.00 ft (304.80 cm) cable—Used for cabling the top frame to the bottom frame in a rack.
  • 21.00 ft (640.08 cm) cable—Used for cabling management links requiring long runs to the top of the rack.
18 HPE Synergy Start Here Poster3

The quick setup poster provides an overview of the installation process.

19 Installation instructions for compute modules, options, and interconnects3

The printed installation instructions for HPE Synergy components.

20 HPE Synergy 12000 Frame Rack Template3

The printed template for locating the positions of frames, rack rails, and cage nuts in a rack.


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