HPE Synergy Console icons

The icons in the top right help to navigate.

  • Question Mark icon — Select this icon to access the basic HPE Synergy Console help screen.

    Synergy Console help screen
  • i icon — Select this icon to access the Information screen. The local frame information, including firmware version and discovered hardware components within the frame are displayed.

    Synergy Console information screen
  • Screen icon — Select this icon to access the hardware components discovered by the HPE Synergy Console, including Appliances, Interconnects, and Devices. Empty bays are represented by the grayed out "—" symbol, and components that are discovered but not managed by a serial port are grayed out and disabled.

    Serial Console menu
  • Serial console — To access the serial console:

    1. Select one of the hardware components from the Screen icon to access the serial console for that component.

      Serial console for hardware components
    2. Press Enter or another key on the keyboard to activate the console, if needed. Once activated, the console will begin to display data for the hardware component.

  • Keyboard shortcuts - These include:

    Keyboard shortcut Action


    Show or hide the top caption bar

    Ctrl +

    Zoom in

    Ctrl -

    Zoom out

    Ctrl =

    Zoom default settings

    Ctrl Insert

    Copy selected text

    Shift Insert

    Paste selected text