Memory configurations

To optimize server availability, the server supports the following AMP modes:

  • Advanced ECC—Provides up to 4-bit error correction. This mode is the default option for this server.
  • Online spare memory—Provides protection against failing or degraded DIMMs. Certain memory is reserved as spare, and automatic failover to spare memory occurs when the system detects a DIMM that is degrading. This allows DIMMs that have a higher probability of receiving an uncorrectable memory error (which would result in system downtime) to be removed from operation.
  • Mirrored memory—Provides maximum protection against failed DIMMs. Uncorrectable errors in one channel are corrected by the mirror channel.

Advanced Memory Protection options are configured in the BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU). If the requested AMP mode is not supported by the installed DIMM configuration, the server boots in Advanced ECC mode. For more information, see the HPE UEFI System Utilities User Guide for HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website.