Installing the Trusted Platform Module board

WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury, electric shock, or damage to the equipment, remove the power cord to remove power from the server. The front panel Power On/Standby button does not completely shut off system power. Portions of the power supply and some internal circuitry remain active until AC power is removed.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the drives and the internal system components to cool before touching them.

To install the component:

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Remove all power:
    1. Disconnect each power cord from the power source.
    2. Disconnect each power cord from the server.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Remove the access panel.
  5. Remove the PCI riser cage.
    CAUTION: Any attempt to remove an installePM from the system board breaks or disfigures the TPM security rivet. Upon locating a broken or disfigured rivet on an installed TPM, administrators should consider the system compromised and take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the system data.
  6. Install the TPM board. Press down on the connector to seat the board.
    Installing the TPM board
  7. Install the TPM security rivet by pressing the rivet firmly into the system board.
    Installing the TPM security rivet
  8. Install the PCI riser cage.
  9. Install the access panel.
  10. Install the server into the rack.
  11. Power up the server .