Server warnings and cautions


This server is heavy. To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment:

  • Observe local occupational health and safety requirements and guidelines for manual material handling.
  • Get help to lift and stabilize the product during installation or removal, especially when the product is not fastened to the rails. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that a minimum of two people are required for all rack server installations. If the server is installed higher than chest level, a third person may be required to help align the server.
  • Use caution when installing the server in or removing the server from the rack; it is unstable when not fastened to the rails.

To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the drives and the internal system components to cool before touching them.


To reduce the risk of personal injury, electric shock, or damage to the equipment, remove the power cord to remove power from the server. The front panel Power On/Standby button does not completely shut off system power. Portions of the power supply and some internal circuitry remain active until AC/DC power is removed.

To reduce the risk of fire or burns after removing the energy pack:
  • Do not disassemble, crush, or puncture the energy pack.

  • Do not short external contacts.

  • Do not dispose of the energy pack in fire or water.

After power is disconnected, battery voltage might still be present for 1s to 160s.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour réduire les risques d'incendie ou de brûlures après le retrait du module batterie :
  • N'essayez pas de démonter, d'écraser ou de percer le module batterie.

  • Ne court-circuitez pas ses contacts externes.

  • Ne jetez pas le module batterie dans le feu ou dans l'eau.

Après avoir déconnecté l'alimentation, une tension peut subsister dans la batterie durant 1 à 160 secondes.

Protect the server from power fluctuations and temporary interruptions with a regulating uninterruptible power supply. This device protects the hardware from damage caused by power surges and voltage spikes and keeps the system in operation during a power failure.


Do not operate the server for long periods with the access panel open or removed. Operating the server in this manner results in improper airflow and improper cooling that can lead to thermal damage.