Installing a secondary riser cage


Before you perform this procedure, make sure that you have the following items available:

  • The components included with the hardware option kit

  • T-10 Torx screwdriver

  1. Observe the following alert:
    CAUTION: To prevent damage to the server or expansion boards, power down the server and remove all AC power cords before removing or installing the PCI riser cage.
  2. Power down the server.
  3. Remove all power:
    1. Disconnect each power cord from the power source.
    2. Disconnect each power cord from the server.
  4. Do one of the following:
  5. Remove the access panel.
  6. Remove the rear wall blank.

    Removing the rear wall blank
  7. Install any expansion boards, if needed.
  8. Install the riser cage:

    Installing the primary PCI riser cage

The installation is complete.