Installing high-performance fans

CAUTION: Caution: To prevent damage server, ensure that all DIMM latches are closed and locked before installing the fans.

Do not operate the server for long periods with the access panel open or removed. Operating the server in this manner results in improper airflow and improper cooling that can lead to thermal damage.

  1. Extend the server from the rack.
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. If installed, remove all fan blanks.

    Removing fan blanks
  4. Remove the air baffle.
  5. Remove all standard fans.
    IMPORTANT: Do not mix standard fans and high-performance fans in the same server.

    Removing standard fans
  6. Install high-performance fans in all fan bays.

    Installing fans
  7. Install the air baffle.
  8. Install the access panel.
  9. Install the server into the rack.