Updating firmware from the System Utilities

Use the Firmware Updates option to update firmware components in the system, including the system BIOS, NICs, and storage cards.

  1. Access the System ROM Flash Binary component for your server from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.
  2. Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
  3. Attach the media to the server.
  4. Launch the System Utilities, and select Embedded Applications > Firmware Update.
  5. Select a device.

    The Firmware Updates screen lists details about your selected device, including the current firmware version in use.

  6. Select Select Firmware File.
  7. Select the flash file in the File Explorer list.

    The firmware file is loaded and the Firmware Updates screen lists details of the file in the Selected firmware file field.

  8. Select Image Description, and then select a firmware image.

    A device can have multiple firmware images.

  9. Select Start firmware update.