Front panel LED power fault codes

When a power fault occurs, the following front panel LEDs flash simultaneously:

  • System power LED
  • Health LED

For more information about the LED locations on your server, see the server user guide in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library.

The number of flashes in each sequence corresponds to the subsystem impacted by the power fault. The following table provides a list of power fault codes, and the subsystems that are affected. Not all power faults are used by all servers.

Subsystem Front panel LED behavior
System board 1 flash
Processor 2 flashes
Memory 3 flashes
Riser board PCIe slots 4 flashes
FlexibleLOM 5 flashes
Removable HPE Flexible Smart Array controller/Smart SAS HBA controller 6 flashes
System board PCIe slots 7 flashes
Power backplane or storage backplane 8 flashes
Power supply 9 flashes