Firmware update and compatibility requirements


Before installing HPE Synergy Gen10 compute modules in an HPE Synergy 12000 Frame managed by HPE OneView 3.0, you must update your system to HPE Synergy Software Release version 3.10.Gen10.20170721 (or later) to ensure proper functionality and support for the HPE Synergy Gen10 compute modules.

In addition, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you use Gen10-based software releases for all configurations. Gen10 compute modules require software releases with a naming convention of <x.xx.GEN10.xxxxx>.

To access software releases, go to Each software release is identified with the date the software release was posted to this website.

For more information about updating HPE Synergy firmware, see the Best Practices for HPE Synergy Firmware and Drive Updates on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website