Troubleshooting tools in HPE OneView

HPE OneView has a variety of troubleshooting tools you can use to resolve issues. By following a combined approach of examining screens and logs, you can obtain a history of activity and the errors encountered.

  • The Activity screen displays a log of all changes made on the appliance, whether user-initiated or appliance-initiated. It is similar to an audit log, but with finer detail and is easier to access from the UI.

    The Activity screen also provides a log of health alerts and status notifications.

  • Download an audit log to help you or an administrator understand what security relevant actions took place on the system.

  • Create a support dump file to gather logs and other information required for debugging into an encrypted, compressed file that you can send to your authorized technical support for analysis.

  • Review reports for interconnect, server, and enclosure status. Reports can also provide inventory information and help you see the types of server models and processors in your data center. They can also show you what firmware needs to be updated.


If the UI is not available, you can use the HPE OneView Maintenance console for troubleshooting.

For more information about using HPE OneView, see the information within the HPE OneView interface and the HPE OneView documentation on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website (