Resolving loose connections

  • Be sure all power cords are securely connected.
  • Be sure all cables are properly aligned and securely connected for all external and internal components.
  • Remove and check all data and power cables for damage. Be sure no cables have bent pins or damaged connectors.
  • If a cable routes through air baffles or other components, be sure the cords and cables connected to the compute module are routed correctly through the baffle.
  • Be sure each device is properly seated. Avoid bending or flexing circuit boards when reseating components.
  • If a device has latches, be sure they are completely closed and locked.
  • Check any interlock or interconnect LEDs that might indicate a component is not connected properly.
  • If issues continue to occur, remove and reinstall each device, checking the connectors and sockets for bent pins or other damage.