TPM fails or is not detected


The TPM failed or the TPM is no longer detected.

  • The TPM failed.

  • The TPM is not configured properly in UEFI System Utilities.

  • The boot mode is not configured for the TPM installed on the compute module.

  1. When a TPM is installed and used with BitLocker, be sure that the TPM is enabled in UEFI System Utilities.

    See the TPM replacement recovery procedure in the operating system documentation.

  2. When a TPM is installed, be sure that the TPM is configured for a mode that is compatible with the OS running on the compute module.

    Verify that the OS supports the version of TPM installed and configured on the compute module.

  3. When a TPM 2.0 is installed, verify that the compute module is configured for UEFI boot mode.
  4. Leave the TPM installed and request a new system board and TPM from a Hewlett Packard Enterprise authorized service provider.