Network controller is installed but not working


The network controller is not working.

  1. To see if any statuses indicate the source of the issue, check the network controller LEDs.

    For LED information, see the network controller documentation or compute module documentation.

  2. Be sure that no loose connections exist.
  3. Be sure that the correct cable type is used for the network speed or that the correct SFP or DAC cable is used.

    For dual-port 10 GB network devices, both SFP ports should have the same media (for example, DAC cable or equivalent SFP+ module). Mixing different types of SFP (SR/LR) on a single device is not supported.

  4. Be sure that the network cable is working by replacing it with a known functional cable.
  5. Be sure that a software issue has not caused the failure.

    For more information, see the operating system documentation.

  6. Be sure the compute module and operating system support the controller.

    For more information, see the product QuickSpecs Hewlett Packard Enterprise website (

  7. Be sure that the controller is enabled in the UEFI System Utilities.
  8. Be sure the compute module ROM is up to date.
  9. Be sure that the controller drivers are up to date.
  10. Be sure that a valid IP address is assigned to the controller and that the configuration settings are correct.