Downloading the Active Health System Log for a date range

  1. Click Information in the navigation tree, and then click the Active Health System Log tab.

    The Active Health System Log is inaccessible when a download of the log is in progress.

  2. Enter the range of days to include in the log. The default value is seven days.
    1. Click the From box.

      A calendar is displayed.

    2. Select the range start date on the calendar.
    3. Click the To box.

      A calendar is displayed.

    4. Select the range end date on the calendar.

    To reset the range to the default values, click .

  3. (Optional) Enter the following information to include in the downloaded file:
    • Support case number (up to 14 characters)

    • Contact name

    • Phone number (up to 39 characters)

    • Email address

    • Company name

    The contact information you provide will be treated in accordance with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise privacy statement. This information is not written to the log data stored on the server.

  4. Click Download.
  5. Save the file.
  6. If you have an open support case, you can email the log file to

    Use the following convention for the email subject: CASE: <case number>.

    Files that are larger than 25 MB must be compressed and uploaded to an FTP site. If needed, contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise for FTP site information.

  7. (Optional) Upload the file to the Active Health System Viewer.

    For more information, see