DataHub Overview

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What is DataHub?

  • DataHub enables northbound cloud connectivity. Use DataHub to send edge-level data securely to Workload Orchestrator.
  • DataHub enables local connections to the cloud using the MQTT protocol. DataHub buffers the data and if the connection drops out, no data is ever lost. DataHub enables OT Link Platform to run offline, but can push all offline data to the cloud once an internet connection is established. This helps in situations where network connectivity is not always reliable. 
  • The capacity of the data is limited by the hardware footprint and the data is discarded on a first-in first-out basis.

DataHub Cloud Connector

OT Link Platform DataHub’s native Cloud Connector collects data from the local message broker and database to push to the cloud via MQTT, REST, or AMQP. The Cloud Connector gets configured using the JSON file that is created from a Workload Orchestrator model and device configuration. This JSON file populates the Cloud Connector with the required message parameters.


A Cloud Connector can have topics that establish communication with the local message broker. The topic for a Cloud Connector is derived from the DeviceHub Tag’s Raw Topic.

Configure OT Link Platform DataHub to Connect with Workload Orchestrator

The following diagram illustrates the configurations required to send OT Link Platform data to Workload Orchestrator.

  • The left side of this diagram illustrates how OT Link Platform can be viewed without access to Workload Orchestrator.
  • The right side illustrates configurations for OT Link Platform-to-Workload Orchestrator connectivity.