Manage Configuration Nodes

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

When you select Configuration Nodes, a config tab opens beneath the canvas to display used and unused nodes. When you delete a node from a flow, it may not be deleted from the backend.

  • Server-based nodes that require network/connectivity settings, such as MQTT nodes, will be found here if they have been deleted from a flow. Delete these types of unused nodes from the backend because they may continue to try connecting to a port and degrade performance.
  • Not all deleted nodes will appear in the config window.
  • When you save a flow or the entire workspace, a pop-up message notifies you if there are unused nodes.

To identify and remove unused nodes:

  1. Click the list icon ( ≡ ) at the top right of the Flows window.
  2. Select Configuration nodes from the Flows list.

    config tab will open beneath the flows canvas. 

  3. Identify unused nodes by the dotted-line border and a 0 for the number of instances.
  4. Double-click an unused node to launch its editing dialog and then click Delete.